Strategic Pay-Per-Click Marketing

“CPC Search has blown away our expectations. Terry and his team have created a step function improvement in our PPC campaigns – substantially increasing revenue while lowering expenses. One concern with outsourcing your PPC campaign is whether the advisor can stay close enough to your business to understand its dynamics and act as an extension of your company. CPC Search took the time to understand our business and have been hands-on throughout the process – the hallmarks of a trusted partner.”

Jason Thai, Marketing Manager at Rev.com

“We hired CPC Search shortly after running an unsuccessful trial with a leading PPC bid optimization provider. Once we said "Go" they were able to quickly hit the ground running and achieved fantastic results in a very short period of time. In the first month they took over they were able to blow away our growth estimates... I would highly recommend CPC Search to anyone who is looking for a paid search agency or anyone who may be questioning if they are getting all they can out of their current paid search efforts.”

Kris Farmer, Sr. Director of E-Commerce at RazorGator

“CPC Search has been a great asset to our company for several years now. We're very happy with all of the work they do managing our paid search campaigns and the results have been consistently excellent and still improving. They are a pleasure to work with and lend their insight... to all parts of the business.”

Josh Breinlinger, Director of Marketing at oDesk

“CPC Search has expanded our geo targeting, broadened our keyword lists, improved our ad text messaging as well as our landing pages. In the past year, they have played an instrumental role in the rapid growth of our business.”

Bill Smith, VP SMB Sales at Taleo Marketing

“CPC Search dove right into our campaign and immediately found opportunities to enhance our program and drive valuable leads. Their SEM efforts drove more traffic to our site with a much smaller spend which converted better than our previous program with a much more expansive and high-touch firm. Would recommend them to any business looking to clean up or launch a solid SEM campaign.”

Kris Drey, VP of Product Marketing at Fliqz

“Terry took over an SEM program that was spending a lot of money but not getting a lot of results. He brought structure and visibility into our SEM activities, as well as his expertise in conversion funnels, landing pages, ad text and keyword development. Our company was undergoing a lot of changes with respect to the lending market, and Terry was quick to act on these changes. I came to think of CPC Search as more than just our SEM agency – they really acted as part of our internal marketing team.”

Chris Strausser, Chief Marketing Officer at Zopa

“Terry Whalen is among the most knowledgeable PPC experts I have ever met. His iterative approach to campaign management including testing and expansion has delivered tremendous and lasting value to clients over time.”

Larry Kim, Founder at WordStream