Strategic Pay-Per-Click Marketing

How Paid Search works

Paid search, also known as PPC (pay-per-click) or SEM (search engine marketing), is one of the fastest, most scalable ways to grow sales and leads. Paid search can be thought of as a system of keywords, ads, landing pages and optimization techniques. As a paid search agency, it is our job to grab the attention of search engine users who are searching for things of interest to your business.

In other words, your future customers are searching on Google.com right now. By carefully selecting and bidding on keywords, we are able to funnel qualified traffic directly to your site.

It doesn't end with keywords, though. We also test variations of ad copy using A/B testing techniques. We can even use A/B/C/D/E testing, if traffic allows for it.

When a searcher clicks your ad, she lands on a landing page. Will your landing page perform well? Or will the visitor want to leave in search of something else? Our years of experience in the areas of landing page assessment and design are always available to you.

A successful journey ends with a purchase or signup on your site. By tracking these successes we can learn what keywords were responsible; we can also track what keywords were unsuccessful. We use this data to optimize your account, thus beginning the cycle of keyword selection and bidding all over again.

Paid Search services include:

  • - Keyword research and development
  • - Campaign creation and optimization
  • - Ad copy A/B testing
  • - Landing page assessment, design and A/B testing
  • - In-depth weekly and monthly reporting