Strategic Pay-Per-Click Marketing

How Mobile Advertising works

Mobile Advertising lets you reach people who are searching the web from their mobile devices. As a PPC agency, we have the same full control over budgets, keyword bids, ad copy and campaign levers that we have with regular paid search. One key difference, however, is the conversion funnel for your visitors - you don't want them landing on your full site which has been optimized for larger monitors. Instead we send mobile visitors to mobile-optimized sites that are much less cluttered with easy to spot "Submit" buttons.

We often separate mobile campaigns from desktop and tablet campaigns, as success metrics are often different. For example, we might have a mobile campaign that performs better with a lower CPA than its desktop counterpart for the same set of keywords. In this case, we can adjust bids for the mobile campaign according to CPA targets while not affecting bids on the desktop campaign.

Mobile usage is growing like crazy, and we are seeing very impressive results from our mobile advertisers. Let us show you how to combine mobile with other forms of paid search advertising to reach the largest audience possible.

Mobile advertising services include:

  • - Conversion funnel analysis and assessment
  • - Landing page A/B testing
  • - Detailed device segmentation (mobile vs desktop vs tablet)
  • - In-depth weekly and monthly reporting