Strategic Pay-Per-Click Marketing

How Display Advertising works

Display advertising refers to the delivery of display ads, also known as banner ads or image ads, across vast networks of websites. Go to www.nytimes.com and notice the various image ads placed about the page. Getting these ads to fit into the flow of the page visually and contextually is one of the biggest factors of a successful display advertising program.

Sure, you have a creative team capable of designing beautiful banners. But will the banners perform well by turning clicks and views (impressions) into sales and leads? Give us what you've got and let us run some tests. The proof, as they say, is in the pudding.

Knowing when to leverage paid search versus display advertising comes down to one simple question: are people searching for your products and services already? If so, paid search will likely trump any display advertising efforts in terms of scalability and profit. If not - no one is searching for what you have to offer - use display advertising to teach them.

With display advertising, you can cast a wide net or target just a few exact websites. We now have the ability to track performance back to keywords for more granular optimization, something previously unachievable.

Display Advertising services include:

  • - Banners design and creation
  • - Campaign creation and optimization
  • - A/B testing
  • - In-depth weekly and monthly reporting