Strategic Pay-Per-Click Marketing

What is Conversion Optimization?

We love optimizing for conversions. Why? Because in our experience we have found that optimizing both sides of the PPC equation [PPC + Landing Pages] can yield EXPONENTIALLY greater results for conversions. Why only focus on clicks when we can also make huge post-click improvements?

With technology, the process of optimizing conversions has made things much faster and simpler. Now, clients only need to paste one line of code onto their website and we handle the rest: scoping, testing, monitoring and reporting.

  • - What it does: Increases conversion rates
  • - How we do it: Years of UI design experience + Optimizely (3rd party test tool)
  • - Why clients love it: We lift conversion rates by 30% and higher

Read why we think Optimizely is a secret weapon for online marketers.

Conversion Optimization services include:

  • - Strategy session to outline scope of tests
  • - Competitive Analysis of our clients' top competitors
  • - Design of landing page test elements
  • - Conduct A/B and Multi-variate testing
  • - Formal review process before we hit 'Start'
  • - A "live" link for clients to view real-time results of tests
  • - Detailed reporting and audit trail to back up our results
  • - Management of ongoing testing and optimization

Check out a conversion optimization case study.

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