Strategic Pay-Per-Click Marketing

Case Study: Transportation Services

Our client offers a popular ride-sharing service allowing smartphone users to request a ride from nearby drivers, who drive their own cars as a service on behalf of the client. Pickups, payments, and driver & customer ratings all occur within our client's mobile app, making it a convenient alternative to taxi cabs. In the last year, our client has expanded this service to more than a dozen additional major US cities and counting.


Our client wanted to recruit drivers through their web-based application lead form. They also wished to increase their ridership by boosting installs of their mobile app. These separate supply- and demand-side goals were to be maintained at target CPAs which backed into positive lifetime values for both drivers and passengers, and were to be managed across an increasing number of cities as the service expanded its reach across the United States.


By using a mix of highly-scalable pay-per-click channels, CPC Search has delivered month-over-month growth of 75% for our client's overall driver leads and mobile app user base. Daily communication with our advertiser client has provided us the insight to raise and lower lead volume in order to meet geo-specific demand needs at a moment's notice.

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