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We are numbers people. And because many of our clients are in the technology and software industries, we are also techies. If you are good with numbers, love technology and possess unwavering attention to detail, we would love to talk to you — email us!

You may already know a thing or two about PPC tools (AdWords/AdCenter). But we're also pretty good at training on PPC tools, so it is better to know a little about a lot of tools because this tells us you are able to learn new things well.

The fact is, what you already know about PPC is probably wrong. Don't take offense to that -- it doesn't mean you don't know anything. It just means our methods are, well, our methods. They work well for us and for our clients, which is all that matters.

Do you like to blog? Good. We are active bloggers and we use Twitter to promote ourselves and the company.

Do you have a decent personal brand? Great! We'll encourage you to continue building your brand and we'll even show you a few cool tricks.

Do we have free lunch like Google? Sadly, no. We usually bring our own lunches as we try to live frugally and healthfully. But our office is on beautiful Fillmore Street in Pacific Heights, which means tons of lovely places to eat.

Is there a real opportunity for growth at our agency? Absolutely, yes! We are growing, and the more you bring to the table, the quicker you will grow.


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